How to save money: Best ways to swap and share

These are frugal times and shopping is a guilty pleasure! Skill-swapping and sharing though, can make our lives easier and saving our money. But, yet saving money is easy when you give something in return. Following our tips on how to share and swap and having fun.

1. Car sharing
Looking for linking up with other travellers to save money and cut footprint? Well there plenty of websites to help you with that. It’s estimated that the typical commuter who car shares every day saves approximately £1,000 per year. As well as sharing petrol costs, there’ll also be less wear and tear on your car, and if you work in the city, you can share your parking costs too., and are all free to register with and can help with the daily commute or for lifts to specific events. The average car-sharer could save £4.43 on a 20-mile return journey – a significant saving over the course of a year.

2. Share with your neighbours
Neighbors are such convenient friends and helpers because they are right next door! Lending website is a nifty idea designed to help you to share and borrow things from your neighbours. It aims to save you cash and make your community a nicer place to live by bringing it closer together.
Babysitting co-ops, Sharing lawn and garden tools, Share a garden, Share internet connection, Share trash service, Share a washer and dryer, Carpooling, Have clothing swaps, Share Subscriptions, Take turns making dinners, Share an outdoor grill, Share books and dvds, Hand me downs, Skill-swapping.

3. Clothes swapping
What could be better than clearing the unwanted clutter from your closets, refreshing your wardrobe and saving big bucks all at the same time? Enter the clothing swap—the perfect antidote for those recession-savvy shoppers who still have the urge, but not the budget, to buy, buy, buy.
Websites such as and allow you to upload pictures of your unwanted clothes and sell them in a similar way to auction websites like eBay. A premium membership to Swop2Shop allows you to sell your clothes in exchange for points to spend on other items on the site. This costs £10 a year and then £9.99 for every Freepost bag of clothes you send in.
Sooo, start by filling a bag with clean, hardly worn tops, skirts, pants, sweaters and jackets that you no longer want (or fit into), then start a successful swap where everyone finds something that’s new to them…without it costing a penny.

4. Grab freebies
It’s also worth checking out community freebie sites like, or aiming to keep a whole range of usable items out of landfills. Because you can get something for free without giving anything in return, these aren’t strictly swapping sites. However, it’s always best to try and give something back to these communities if you’re able to.


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