New Google HQ in Dublin

Google Ireland opens the new HQ in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands district!

  • 47’000 m2 of unique office space
  • 4 buildings
  • 14-storey is the tallest building

The architects had to find a smart solution to create and stimulate the professional way of living of the Google employees. A relationship not only related to the professional environment, in fact the building is designed for a multitude of additional functions: 5 restaurants, 42 micro-kitchens,  communication hubs, game rooms, a fitness centre, a pool, a wellness area, a conference, a learning & development centre, meeting rooms..


Sustainability is a key focus area for Google and all Google real estate projects work to LEED accreditation.
The Google Dublin Campus is currently awaiting the prestigious LEED Gold and LEED Platinum certification.


Waiting to go to Dublin to check it out, we will dream about Moorbi‘s HQ..




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