Shed of the Year: an upcycled upside-down boat

This year’s Shed of the Year competition’s winner, Alex Holland from Machynlleth in mid Wales, has good reasons to be proud of his beautiful and sustainable shed. The construction saw off over 1,900 innovant and original rivals.

The lucky winner of a £1.200 prize (twice the cost of building the shed) created this shed replacing the traditional roof by a recycled upside-down wooden boat. The shed is fully equiped with a 20w solar panel to power LED lights, a wood burner,  sound system, gas cooker and refrigerator. It was built in a clever way, using only recycled and second-hand material in order to reduce waste and to create a sustainable, respectful and convenient building.

Alex Holland used and re-used windows from an old caravan and other material from his farmhouse. He is obviously delighted to have received the prize. What will he do with it? Buy an wind turbine “to give (him) enough electricity to make ice in the fridge for gin and tonics, and to ensure the cider and beers are always chilled.”

What a great idea and isn’t it beautiful? We think it perfectly matches the landscape. This is a great opportunity to prove that upcycled design is our future.


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