A Theater Built Just From Recycled Paper

This is the Paper Bale Theatre, a project by Studio Andrew Todd: it seems a simple circular theatre, but it come with a unique challenge, it’s a very sustainable building, it’s made of recycled paper.

The outfit designed the Paper Bale Theater as a proposal for the 2013 World Stage Event in Cardiff. The call for proposals came with a budget of £20,000 and the Studio decided to save on the materials instead of the whole project.
After doing some preliminary research, they found out that this apparently simple idea was a great deal, since there are big players and a huge amount of available material in the industry of  collecting, packaging and moving out junk.
“We wanted to show in this project that building mass doesn’t have to be concrete or stone: it can be junk or waste” Todd says.

Cardboard and big, multi-colours bricks made out of recycled paper are the materials the Studio used in the building. The plan calls for cardboard bales on the interior wall behind the stage, creating a simple, acoustically-beneficial backdrop while the multivariate paper have been used for the rest. And you know what? The balls can be recycled after they are used, the recyclers have no problems in buying the stuff back once it has been used!


You may think whether the theatre structure is made of steel or paper. They Studio thought of a sustainable material too: bamboo. It’s eight times lighter than steel, antiseptic in the event of a splinter and requires only a simple plastic strap to secure the joints.
At this point, the only concern is about building control and the fire brigade, since current regulations don’t allow for this type of structural the use of the material.

Why don’t change codes and regulations and start generating discussion about architecture in the developed world?
Architects can change perceptions and help people to visualize different ways of doing things!s

And you? What do you think? Would you be scared to get in?

Do you want to read more about eco-buildings? Check out our article about Strawscrapers. 


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