It’s a kind of magic

It’s no big news: a man has been seen walking on water, here in London, on the Thames.


Steven Frayne, also known as Dynamo, is a Bradford-born illusionist who magically ‘walked’ across the River Thames. As if walking on the water was not enough for the magician, he recently amazed the London shoppers and tourists defying gravity by ‘levitating’ beside London double-decker bus. The Yorkshire-born illusionist also appears in his documentary show: Dynamo, Magician Impossible where he performs his best tricks.

What we learnt from Dynamo’s performance is that dreaming is not forbidden.

Was it magic? It’s what we like to believe.

If a magician can cross a river walking on the water, we hope there is a magician to make our world more sustainable.

Can you imagine a greener world with just a wave of a magic wand? If it is possible to walk on water, why couldn’t we act for a cleaner environment that will last? There would be no more chemicals, no more greenhouse gas emissions destroyed the ozone layer and no more over-consuming companies. We like to believe that one day, sustainability will become everyone’s matter. Because who is more concerned by the future of the planet than the people living on it?  If we had one magic wish, we would wish for a world where we could turn all the waste into beautiful, affordable and sustainable furniture. Oh, wait! That’s what we do!


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