When will the UK be de-carbonized?

As some of you have heard there was a proposal of a clean target in the Energy Bill, earlier this month. The Liberal Democrats as well as the Conservatives were to vote on MPs Tim Yeo and Barry Gardiner proposal targeting to take the carbon out of the electricity by 2030.  In total 200 businesses, charities, trade unions and other faith groups were supporting the bill. This change would mean that we finally would make a big step fighting the climate change as well as creating and securing jobs and investments in the green sector.

The debate was very heated between the parties as well as within the parties. Even though it was close the bill got rejected. Most Conservatives voted against, as expected but surprisingly a lot of Liberal Democrats voted against the bill as well. A total of 16 Liberal Democrats and 8 Conservatives voted for the Bill and make it in our green pedestal. We are sure that the Lib Dem who voted against the Bill will have some explaining to do, to their own party.

Going against the Energy bill means a backing up on the headlong bash for gas, fuel bills will keep continue rising  as well as the job overseas, not to speak of further putting our environment and climate in danger.

For Moorbi it does not make sense to keep endangering our environment and why would you want to give jobs oversees when we have such a qualified workforce right here in the UK?

We took a closer look in the area of London from where Moorbi operates to see this area has been voting for the Bill. As expected London was divided but we are very proud, that our immediate area not only has over 10 green businesses but also green local groups and constituencies.


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