Green fashion is very much available on the market and this is not only to be found in super small “green” stores, for just the “special” people who only buy environmental friendly.

Big names in fashion, such as Vogue, was writing about the emerging environmental trend. Fashion designer, Katharine Hamnett started to print the messages on their T-Shirts for the public to purchase and even spoke out about this issue at the United Nations.

All this happened only a few years ago, but let us go even further back, where the seed of environmental fashion were planted. In 1990 three big names you might recognize started the idea; Xuly-Bet was repurposing flea-market finds, Martin Margiela was deconstructing and reconstructing his own not used peaces to make something new and better, and even Giorgio Armani experimented with hemp, weaving it into his lines.

12 years later, after much sophistication to the eco cloths Stella McCartney finally presented the fashion lovers with a rock-chick, animal friendly designs. Not much later her label attracted the celebrities and made the movement for the public a reality.

Another big activist was speaking his mind and with the help of his beautiful wife Ali Hewson and designed by Loomstate’s Rogan Gregory they created an environmental label for all.

It didn’t take too long after that for A-list celebraties to join the trend. Naomi Watts and Kate Bosworth loved John Patrick who produced organic cloths, as well as green denim by FIN. Shalom Harlow supported Noir, an eco-ethical designer label as well as Barneys Green label. Keira Knightley made Anya Hindmarch’s label successful by pioneering the reusable bag trend.

Even though looking back the trend took us over 20 years to develop to the stage where we can say, that it is not a trend but more of a movement, we are happy to keep it up. “Green is the new black” is not only a slogan for Moorbi but also for celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bündchen who choose chic green.

Moorbi is happy to contribute to the education of the consumer and bring them closer to the terms of certified Organic, Fair Trade, sustainable, low-impact, local, ethical, artisanal, repurposed, upcycled and recycled. We make sure to also offer you a real alternative to the fashion you are buying to stay fashionable in trend and environmental friendly.


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