Top 3 Sustainable Hotels

Sustainability is in big demand nowadays, people feel responsible and accountable for the world and environment they live in. That trend has not past the hotel industry either which get embraced especially in the United States. The architecture, interior as well as fashion we see is revolutionary and innovative. Using sustainable materials by producing new pieces as well as reusing old pieces to upcycle them to new, often luxurious products is not a rarity. Our pic of 8 hotels are based on that principle of luxury, exclusivity but at the same time sustainable and trendy.

1. The Nomad Hotel – NY, USA

The Nomad Hotel reopened after an interior refurbishing by Jacques Garcia (official interior designer of Paris Hotel Costes fame). As can be seen in the picture he kept the signature French style through out the hotel but included many eco-conscious and sustainable interior to the ambiance. Automatic window shades, organic minibars, high-efficiency bathroom fixtures and a green roof are the top feature of this hotel.

2. Verdura Golf & Spa Resort Sicily – Italy

Rocco Forte’s expanded its empire by opening the Hotel Verdura Glof & Spa Resort in Sicily, Italy. The amazing resort is just over a mile off the coast and is proud to have the same standard as other 5 start resorts. However, even if sustainability doesn’t have its own star Moorbi definitely awards the resort with a green start for its superb use of solar panels to generate hot water and electricity, double-glazed windows to conserve energy and its inspiring policy of banning cars from the grounds of this resort. But don’t be scares they do offer electric buggies, so you feet don’t have to miss out on the sustainable luxury.

3. Bardessono Napa Valley – California,USA

Bardessono in Napa Valley, California is one of the smaller hotels residing only 62 rooms. But the sustainability aspect of this hotel is much bigger that with the most big hotels. They have 82 geothermal fields that heat AND cool the hotel as needed. Also you will find a lot of wood, 100,000 sq. ft. of reclaimed wood in total. Well that is what we call a truely sustainable hotel.

If you feel inspired and wish to follow the green trend and be one of the people owning designer interior in your own home brows on and find your favorite piece to purchase.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Sustainable Hotels

  1. How is it that you picked these three hotels? What are you considerations when looking for EcoLux and Sustainable properties?

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