How is it to be a start-up company in a “green business” environment?

Being a start-up company presents itself with their own challenges and opportunities. Being a start-up in the green environment brings even more challenges but present more rewards as well.

Moorbi is a young, dynamic start-up company passionate about upcycling, design and sustainability. What has started with a passion of one person the co-founder Martina Basile is now a 7 people operation dedicated to the success of the company.

Martina has a background in the design industry and was fed-up to see how much waste is being produced on a daily basis while creating commercial good and fashion for the masses. So to make her dream of living in a sustainable world and having enough product choices to buy for herself and make it accessible to everyone, she found herself a partner, Luca Alice, a man with a lot of experience on the business side.

As soon as Moorbi has been created they founders realised that they were not the only ones with the same passion and dream of all around sustainability. Moorbi partnered with amazing designers who create one-off and limited, high quality upcycled furniture, home accents and fashion. Each product tells a story and gives the owner of the piece a truly special feeling.

However, the green economy is tricky in the sense that many people still don’t understand the subject very well. What is sustainability and how does it affect my everyday life? – are the two biggest questions. Which is why Moorbi does not only sell the alternatives to people, who just love the individual pieces, but also educates the consumer. Moorbi writes a blog addressing issues of green economy, present trends and innovations and de-mystifies the subject of sustainability in its sustainability blog.

We are reaching out to people on the web to spread our story and inspire more people to live more sustainable, to be not afraid of asking question and take the extra mile of contributing to the environment instead of destroying it.


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