Eco Homes

Eco buildings are on the largest, and most talked about projects at the moment, because of how the world is and how it is turning to create a more environmentally friendly world this would be why.

It allows people not only to live in amazing homes, but for them to help the environment by reusing products makes it even better and more special.

I think it is something to be proud of if you have your house built out of re usable items, many homes out there at the moment have parts but not fully, I mean there are some houses out there that have done so with fully sustainable homes however it is very rare.

Although then again its not only what the outside is like, it is all about how you decorate it, at Moorbi we provide home accessories that made of reused products, but made by designers that have created excellent pieces of work. I believe that having a home that is fully recycled is much better than not because you will not only feel that you are doing your bit for the environment and the world, but creating a nicer home to live in. if you have a family then you are showing your children the right way to move forward with this.


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