Dicycle or bicycle?

Many people in big city’s use bicycles because they are easy to get around on, as well as doing daily exercise, however many commuters have not only found that it takes time to bike to work but effort also. I mean its great to do exercise in the morning, but people are turning up to work all sweaty and worn out. This is why I think many people have interest in the dicycle.

Just like a bicycle it reduces the carbon footprint, this meaning its great for the environment. It has two wheels like a bike, but you stand in the middle of it and then hold onto the handle bars. Although it does use electricity, it is eco friendly, meaning its great for the environment to. It not only gets the person to their destination quicker, as it can reach up to speeds of 10-15 mph higher than the average bicycle.

Another positive about the dicycle is that is safer than a bicycle, as you can fall of a bike where as the dicycle cannot fall over, meaning a lower accident rate.


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