Eco-Design is High Quality Design

When people hear about eco-design, they think of recycling materials, but that is not exactly what it means, there is much more to it.

Eco design is all about using the best materials, but reusing them. Choosing high quality materials, you can guarantee a better all round product as well as knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. There are at least two factors to making a product economically sustainable.

Firstly, the process of making the product. Actually making the product can sometimes be more harmful to the environment than what the product is made of. Using large amounts of electricity to create the item as well as expensive and high powered machinery which can cause mass pollution and damage to the atmosphere.

Sustainable methods of production help to reduce the amount of pollution and also cut the costs down on electricity bills. Using more energy efficient ways to produce goods is the way of the future, as the products are made to a higher standard and of course, sustainable.

The second process is the actual product itself. Using unique and different materials, which are all natural, help to cut waste. They are made from all different things such as coconut fibers to seed paper. Using different materials gives each product a special and unique feel that is truly one of a kind. Mass production line products will never have this same feeling, where with eco design products, you know you’ll always have something special and personal to yourself.  Overall helping new up and coming products ad designers which are eco friendly is the way forward, a way that you know you are doing something right for the planet but as well as yourself.

At moorbi you will be able to find your unique piece to start contributing to the environment. Which of the unique products do you like the most?


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