Evolving Technology

Technology is something everyone is used to in this era, it has become so apparent that people are unable to leave the house without their mobile phone. But is this the way forward to help condense the carbon footprint?

Yes and no is the answer,  there are many positives about how technology has grown through out the last 10 years but how are they harming the environment and is this safe to do so. Technology products used to last up for three times more than they do today. So this means people are buying and using more gadgets, but as quickly as they are buying them they break and have to buy new ones. What happens to them once you throw them away? Do they get taken apart and use the insides for something else? Rarely. This is because as technology is growing so are the piece they use inside of them.

To help the environment you should stick to one brand and re use the parts when possible. Or take your old gadgets to a recyclable bin where you can place old pieces of technology and they will reuse it.
Our friends from the Restart Project are so good to fix technology instead of throwing items away!
Join them today at the Repair Café in London!


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