The rise of the App

With the innovation of the phones where almost everyone in the Western World has a smart phone or tablet, the app industry was developed and is growing hour by hour.

Many newspapers and magazines have started creating them as mobile apps, where the customers pay to read them on their mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or any other smart phone. Rather than buying the hard copy of the newspapers of magazines in a shop. It is not only quicker and easier because you have the item in seconds but it is great for the environment to, a lot of people once they are done with their item will simply throw it in the trash, without recycling, however if its recycled then that’s okay but many people do not do even that. I know personally it is something the government is trying to work on but still needs a lot of improvement.

With these improvements mean that the paper can be re used to make something else, however it still costs the company’s to print these newspapers daily or weekly and again the same with the magazines, as well as the paper costs, and then to deliver them to the right places.

The major benefit of having them on your mobile devices is that you can read it on the go, because of it being on you mobile you are able to access it when ever and you don’t have the hassle on holding the paper or magazine. Also on these devices they have the best technology in them, with the screens being incredibly clear it allows you to read it to.

Do you have newspaper adds? Which one would you say is the best to recommend to follower readers?


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