Interview about Sustainable Design with Fumi Masuda and Yves Behar

Many people have been thinking about Sustainable Design, starting from the smallest up to the biggest designers. Here we have 2 brilliant designers, Fumi Masuda & Yves Behar, talking about what they have on their mind and how they think the future will change towards sustainability and aesthetics of the designer products.

‘They will notice that they have to change on their own”

This is one of the biggest quotes I think from the interview with Japanese designer Fumi Masuda. He explains that certain changes will happen over time and people will begin to realise what is happening.

This is what we believe here at Moorbi, that eventually everything will be reusable and we can make the environment a better place, for everyone that lives around us.

Throughout the interview Fumi Masuda discussed Japan, and sounds as if they lead the way for sustainability as well as having their own phrase called LOHAS. This means lifestyles of health and sustainability. This is exactly what we think at Moorbi, with us trying to create a better sustainable environment we believe this is the way forward. Which is why we have a website full of sustainable products, which are great for every day and special occasions.

Yves Behar is a man on a mission. His current project, one laptop per child is looking to improve children’s socializing skills as well as be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. No easy task, but using materials that are recycled and processes that cause less harm to the environment, we here at Moorbi support his up and coming work.

“If it is not ethical, it cannot be beautiful”, a great quote from the man himself, about how his products are produced and the processes they go through to make these unique lamp shades an phones.

Each product made has at least one element of sustainability, and they are all attempting to make a better future and greener planet. Supporting up and coming brands and designers such as Yves Behar, who believes in using top quality materials for his products, and not just going with the mainstream designs, is someone to look out for and be sure to take a look at his designs and products on the Moorbi website.

Whose opinion would you like to hear. We would be happy to interview outspoken designers for you.


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