Jamie Oliver Supports Zero Food Waste

Jamie Oliver is a pioneer in his cooking, we know that already. But now he is also a pioneer in the upcycling and recycling world. Thank you very much Jamie for helping the environment and being an advocate for sustainability.

Late last month Jamie Oliver announced he was due to open a zero waste restaurant in the heart of central London, Piccadilly. With this restaurant being in the heart of the theater district, it is only bound to succeed. With it not only being great good, but all recycled so that there is no waste is brilliant.

With it being a zero waste restaurant people are either going to love it or hate it, depending on the sort of person they are they may find it great that everything is being used and recycled, but on the other hand people may find it disgusting.

We think it is a fantastic idea, because generally there is a significant wastage within any restaurant. So to reuse what you have and to get better value for money, as well as using local ingredients as its great for local business too. Helping the community is key because they will then come to the restaurant because your helping them, it goes around in a cycle.

With this restaurant helping the environment to, because of all the natural ingredients, it brings a different type of market as well as people who want to make a different in the world we live in.
We believe in change, and that every little part helps to create a better environment.


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