Hairy is not scary – Strawscraper

sustainable designThis amazingly interesting building has not only caught Moorbi‘s eye, but also everyone else’s.

This skyscraper got a re vamped to look very hairy, however there is a reason behind why this tower in Sweden looks like it does. They add the hairs onto the building, just like many people in Great Britain use solar panels to create energy, this Swedish based company called Belatchew Arkitekter have created it for a whole building.

From a distance the tower can not only look frightening but life like, it does its job extremely well. When it is windy the hairs move with the wind, and this creates energy for the building. Creating lower bills for the people who live there. What you would rather cheaper bills and to have hair on your building? Or a normal tower block?

With it creating energy it is not just lowering your bills, but your doing your bit to help the environment and using a natural source of energy. In the picture below you can  see the amazingly unique vies from the Strawscraper itself. Moorbi thinks that this skyscraper deserves big recognition among the innovation building designs and gives it 5 stars out of 5.

What do you think?

Share other amazing sustainable building designs with us and we make sure to write an article on those!


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