Sustainable Development

The term ‘sustainable development’ was first defined during the Brundtland Convention in 1980ies.

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our world has been growing fast for the last decades and this development has been driven without considering the future impact. We can already measure the damages caused by this unsustainable development and anticipate its severe consequences if things do not change quickly.

The sustainable development mainly focuses on ecology and limiting the current climate change. But the focus of sustainable development is wider than just environmental matters: the concept applies to other domains such as economy, culture or politics.

It is all about changing our way of doing things in order to build a respectful and viable world. Sustainable development is not only about preserving our environment, the fauna and the flora, but also about modifying people’s mind to change their habits. It is about sourcing, producing and distributing in the right way in order to preserve the natural resources but also about consuming and using responsibly.

If sustainable development is focused on the future, it doesn’t mean that we loose out now. The sustainable approach can be effective on the short-term as well.

Everyone can take part, from governments to private individuals and companies, small actions can add up to real change. This is why Moorbi is leading this move by promoting Designers who live and breathe sustainability but combine it with extremely modern and approachable design which is expected in today’s world you can find these unique and environmental friendly pieces at Moorbi. Also if you follow our blog  you will be updated on interesting and worth reading news about sustainability and design.


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