Thursday thought: Back to Clerkenwell Design Week 2013

Moorbi visited Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 which was an absolute success. With one of the biggest fashion designers collaborating with Artemide, Issey Miyake together created a show piece range of lighting that is not only extremely fashionable but great for the environment. With the show piece range being called “IN-EI” this is Japanese for “shadow, shadiness, nuance”. This product range will be a sell out within a matter of weeks. High end sustainability is a must with customers who want to create differences within their homes and offices.

Another big designer to showcase their new product range at Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 was Nomique, using environmentally friendly materials, the whole range is not only sophisticated but stylish too. Using their knowledge of experience and the latest technology made this product range available, they have called in “Coco” to me the name is simple yet sophisticated, jut like the fashion house.

Blue Marmalade showcased their collections at the Clerkenwell Design Week 2013, they create eco-friendly products that can help people live their day to day lives in a better environment. People feel as though they are helping a good cause when they buy an eco friendly product because it helps to do their bit to keep a sustainable future for other people. Keeping the products modern is what Blue Marmalade do. They create the live light live bright range, which is exactly this.


Please leave us a comment about your experience of the Clerkenwell Design Week 2013 or what you would love to see in future.


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