What is Environmental Design?

Environmental Design« Environmental design is the process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. »

In this way, environmental design can be used in many different types of activities: architecture, urban planning, interior design etc. This concept existed for many centuries, in the Ancient Greece people started to use the energy of the sun to warm their houses.

Environmental design uses sustainable methods and technologies to create a space, a building, an object… In the case of architecture, it would mean to use green energies and materials for the construction of a building for example. Environmental design is a response to the individual’s need of living a healthy and sustainable life. Innovation and green technologies are part of sustainable design and offer a solution to ecological issues.

As described mostly when talking about environmental design it is referred to architecture or industrial solutions. However is also can small, which anyone can create themselves. Furniture, Home Accessories and even Fashion can have an environmental design.

The designers at Moorbi have also understood the importance of innovation and ecological solutions and show it in their environmental friendly products. You can take your first step to environmental friendly living, get inspired by our designers or get tips on how to create own environmental friendly pieces with DIY.


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