How did we come up with the name?

moorbi_logo_greenI have another personal story to share with you this bank holiday weekend, about how I came up with the name Moorbi.

It actually started when I was a child, I used to make my favourite toys myself. My very first one I made when I was only 4 years old. What I did was basically something which is known today as upcycling or a more common word used recycling. I took the old toys that were thorn and made my own, new one. My very first toy I called Moorbi, it looked a little weird, but it was my own creation, unique in the world and definitely one off. In this way I reduced the waste by re-using the old toys and created a sustainable environment for myself and my toys.

This exact principle is used within the company which my co-founder Luca Alice and I have created. At we curate designers who care about the environment and upcycle from old into jewels, high-end design and build to last pieces. This concept is not new, but fairly new to the online business. Our goal is to normalise the perception of being sustainable being reserved for treehugers or “domotic-addicted” while design is for a small elite and niche market. So it seems I knew very early on what I would be doing in the future, how I could help the environment by enriching people with more design in their lives.


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