Why we created Moorbi.com for YOU

Why we created Moorbi.com for YOUI can imagine that many of you are asking yourself’s how we came up with the concept of Moorbi.com. Today I would like to share the story of how and why we became created Moorbi.

I have a design background but for years I have been working in the Fashion, Production and Supply Chain Industry. The I have noticed how much waste is being created on a daily basis and the impact it has on the environment. As a designer I feel a huge responsibility towards designing with the thought of environment and built to last objects. But so many commercial designers do not consider that while producing for the mass.

To support my passion for Sustainability and Beauty and I tried to make my own series of designs which has been showcased at the Milan Design Week 2011. As I’ve been always more eager to do more for the environment I tried to find other ways to make a bigger impact. So it has been perfect when I met my co-founder Luca who has a vast experience in online marketing, startup realities and is an online and tech-innovation wiz. He helped me to make Moorbi what it is today:  A big community of readers, followers, enthusiasts, designer etc. all with a passion of sustainable design.

Moorbi now is an  endless Eco Design Week for all Intelligent designers who work towards building a greener and richer future and as intelligent consumers like you who support us and the environment.


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