Thursday Morning thinking about Comfort, Design and Sustainability

Comfort is one of the essential quality in any product. The design for the product does not just have to be creative and stylish but what the customers want and need. A chair for example needs to have good posture for the users so they are comfortable in the product, but this will make the product unique as the customer will enjoy using it.

The lighter the product, the better it will be used by the customer. Each of us as  customers want the products to be intelligent, useful and good-looking, once the basics are guaranteed, sustainability factor, makes us decide that it’s worthy because there is something more. Let’s think about our unique and authentic one offs – each product is unique to that customer, not necessarily made for that customer but they will have the only product as it is a one off piece making it original.

Here at Moorbi we do everything for our customers, ensuring the products that our customers want, they will be able to get. As we use upcycled materials it reduces waste in the environment, this then creates a greener world for everyone to live in.

Making products creative, but using recycled materials as well as making the product comfortable is something that can be produced. Here at Moorbi we are proud of our designers ad happy to say that our products are this. Ensuring that the customer get the most comfort from their product as well as encouraging movement so the customer is able to move around in the product as this is something that will be used on a day to day basis.

Especially with a chair for example, there is going to be plenty of movement through out the day, because no one just sits in the chair. Getting up and moving around is essential, so the product should be able to cope with this movement making the product flexible enough.

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