How to do your bit towards a better living environment ?


Firstly, as many of you may already know, we currently have many environmental issues in this world. Mass amounts of landfill sites, high pollution rates with all of these problems contributing to an unsustainable future. We here at Moorbi believe in change, a greener more sustainable future. Re-using and recycling furniture is one issue we are looking to challenge and help to improve to reduce waste, and also add style to.

Many companies over produce good made out of cheap materials. Most of those normally break and are bad value for money.  We here at Moorbi are working with high quality good and designs, with green designers that also see our vision for a better way of living and also want the public to have one off designs that are personal to them, and will last the test of time.

Using only the best materials and designs, you’d expect massively high costing products, but this isn’t the case. We have many different price ranges, varying from under £20 for bags from big wardrobes using only the best materials and processes that are environmentally friendly as well as long lasting.

Ash wood Is a great choice due to it being the toughest and also at its strongest when fast grown. It is a great option for us to use when making items such as tables to coat stands. Less wastage due to in conversion, and also its self seeding, its one of the best materials available.

Visit to check out more of our range and to get one off specially made designer good, which will help towards a better environment as well as owning unique and great quality original pieces from some of the top green designers in the world.


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