When Furniture combine Workout with Eco-friendly Design

Struggle with time during the day? Feel you need more hours sometimes? We’ve all had that feeling, work hours are long, lunch breaks are short and getting up and going off to work is a rush. Fitting in gym work and routines into this its almost impossible. We’ve come across an idea. Using recyclable materials and unique and creative fashion, we’ve combined furniture with workout!

At moorbi we care about quality and design. What I found really interesting is  this product that is suited just for this. A chair which can be used for your workouts. It’s easy to dismantle and re build in a matter of seconds yet is versatile enough to be used for more than 10 different body weight exercises. Hard wearing recycled and environmentally friendly materials used and processes which reduce emissions make this product better for the planet.


Many advantages come from this product:

• No gym fee’s – A money saver which is always a big bonus, and also the convenience of having a work out whenever you want.
• No travelling costs – having this at your desk saves you commuting too and from the gym and to the office, when you can have both in the same place. Also saving time, effort and also reducing emissions in travelling (petrol etc)
• Compact – This product is easy to put away and doesn’t clog up your room or office, and is made so its easily stored

Overall this product is a unique and one off design, specially suited for the busy lifestyle, from office worker to gym goer it’s a purchase you wouldn’t regret.


2 thoughts on “When Furniture combine Workout with Eco-friendly Design

  1. I am always in a search of a new kind of furniture which should look different from our regular furniture. I am having a furniture of homelivingsty. It is also unique and antique. I came to know about good information from your blog thanks for sharing this blog.

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