What Design Can Do – Let’s speak about the future!

What Design Can Do, which starts tomorrow in Amsterdam, is a design festival  with the aim of empowering the design and its problem-solving abilities.Design is the catalyst of change and renewal and a way of addressing the societal questions of our time.

Too often design is associated only with aesthetics, trends and luxury, but design can mean so much more.  At its best, design can change, improve, renew, inspire, involve, shock, move, disrupt, help or solve“. This is the Manifesto of “What Design Can Do intends” in order to demonstrate that design thinking could be a valuable response to the challenges of today’s world, directly related to much important questions as the sustainable design, the upcycling approach and the out-of-waste production.

In the two days of What Design Can Do, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of May, there will be a representation of the different design disciplines: from architecture to product design, from graphic design to fashion design, as solutions for today’s challenges and the growing request for a multi-disciplinary approach.

With a lineup of international speakers from all design disciplines, What Design Can Do will be the platform for designers to manifest the social potential of their profession. Together with the audience, the speakers will discuss alternative strategies for the future. Participants will be stimulated to come up with their own answers and ideas. This makes What Design Can Do an activist conference, the outcome of which will be published in a book compiled on the spot and presented at the end of the conference.

Have a look at the program and check the designers/speakers who are participating!


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