Heading to Silicon MilkRoundAbout

Undergoing a fresh recruitment drive can be a major headache for any tech startup in the UK. We’ve been around at the Silicon Milkroundabout on Saturday.

By running a free jobs fair that matches up firms with developers, product managers and designers it seems that Silicon Milkroundabout became a start up too! “We still feel like we are just channelling that energy but it is so much stronger now, and deserves to be properly looked after,” Smith added. “With the tech ecosystem going from strength to strength the time is right for us to launch Silicon Milkroundabout as a startup in its own right.” It’s launching as a stand-alone company and also hiring a full-time team. The effect should be more events, on a much larger scale.

We had few glass of wines at Badoo stand, talking with some guys developing a project to incentive locally made food which sound really in line with Moorbi.com as well. Of course being a Tech event I did not expect to see many startups doing something with real products – most of the trend now is about services, apps to make services easier, etc.


These guys cough our attention, they are about promoting small businesses not able to sell online or compete with big companies even if masters of quality and authenticity, taking care about real products not only digital. We can see affinity with Moorbi.com, what they doing for food and quality, with the artisans and historical shops and makers, we doing the same with artists and independent designers and makers that while designing they focus on finding also intelligent ways to clean their cities and promote a rich but sustainable living.

Read more about Moorbi and our Ninja Penguin Campaign: https://moorbier.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/moorbi-campaign-design-free/


The Penguin for President!


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