Living in a Paradise is possible. This what Steve Areen told himself when he landed in Thailand he decided to obtain building permits for his 500 square foot home, to add his own finishing touches once the main building was complete and to build a proper dome home for such a small amount. Unbelievable but true.

He did himself furniture, designs, doors, screens, shelves, a pond and a gazebo, stonework and landscaping using all local materials as well as taking care about how to make the home naturally cooled. The home also lit during the daytime thanks to cutouts in the roof.

Photos talk, I don’t need to say how is beautiful the grass roof and the bathroom filled with plants, the terracotta paint meshes.

I know, we are looking out of the window now and in front of us a huge street in the middle of the concrete city make us think that this life is impossible for us, our tiny flat, the short free time we have, the huge skills required to build furniture ourselves as well as the amount of tools. But everything is possible! Maybe we should start with few simple Tips to make our Living more Sustainable, right? And meanwhile just enjoy Steve’s house pics 😉

moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-09 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-08 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-07 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-06 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-05 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-04 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-03 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-02 moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen moorbier-magical-dome-house-in-remote-thailand-constructed-in-six-weeks-for-just-8000-thai-dome-home-by-steve-areen-10

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