The Transform Bar

The Transform Bar, by Hong Kong-based artist Kacey Wong, is a recycled wood hawker booth where you can grow wheat grass and Wong will make you healthy juices from fresh produce.

The 3 x 4 foot juice stand has been built from re-purposed wood, the natural planks joined in such a way to create planters with wheat grass growing from the  rectangular boxes.
These greenery growing containers are connected to the vertically elongated shop by a wheel-in-track drawer system and in this way, are able to extended from the main structure with ease to maximize sunlight from all angles to aid the growth of the grass.
Wong developed the bar for he, himself to stand inside of– mixing apple and wheat grass juices within the confines of the structure in order to raise awareness of the food source system and what the artist sees as ‘extending art appreciation to the sense of taste and consumption’.

‘transform bar’ was created with the image of Hong Kong street hawkers’ stalls in mind. Wong says of his artwork in comparison to the original food stalls of the bustling city streets that, ‘in order to survive, the owner of the hawkers’ stalls will push out and pull back their merchandise in different times of the day, forming a flexible system. 3 feet by 4 feet is only so big, the merchandise have to match the market demand in order to sustain a proper living, running the business also have to be flexible and legal. It could also be said that the Hong Kong way to survive is to be adoptive with the environment through transformation‘.

moorbier_juicebar01moorbier_juicebar08 moorbier_IMG_0604 moorbier_IMG_0605  moorbier_juicebar04  moorbier_juicebar03moorbier_juicebar05


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